MTF makeup

For some time now I have wanted to provide help to the MTF community. I want to provide a safe place for you all to become confident in the ability to apply make up without worrying if you are doing it right, wrong or indifferent.

I don’t want this to be another Drag queen affair, praise to you all, you are fab! But I want this to be for the every day women, the women who don’t want always want a full face of makeup, or have the time to do a full face of makeup, the women who want subtle look for work or a classy look for a date.

Now everyone has to start somewhere and eventually the end game is to provide tutorials and one to one coaching for you all to be able to build the skills and confidence to rock your own personal catwalk. But before all this can happen I need some help from the people I want to provide for. I want to know what YOU want from all this, what will make you stay with me and think “DAAAAAMN she is good!!!’ this is for your benefit at the end of the day.

Remember you are all here for the same reason... to be who you have always wanted to be. So join in, get involved, give feedback good or bad (I can take it). I can not wait to hear from you all and learn from each and everyone of you.

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